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Lexis Retreats

Lexis Retreats

Lexis Retreats

Lexis Retreats


A Retreat in the Heart of Gascony

Domaine de Lexis

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The Property

Located in the Gers, Armagnac country, South West of France, Lexis houses three buildings on the property. Nothing in the house follows a straight line as the origin of this house dates back to three hundred years and all of the furniture is antique or bespoke. There is one permanent guest on the property; Whitty the cat, who regards herself as being the proprietor of all three dwellings and has the right to every bed. You, naturally have the right to shut her out!

Maison de Gardien

This house is a decorator's delight. Filled with original and unique pieces, it generates a feeling of a time when life was slower and we had more time to linger. Mixing the practical with a collection of sensitively curated furnishings this is more of a home than a holiday house.


Thé bijou, boho Pigeonnier is a sensitive conversion from a rustic utility building into a perfect jewel of a cottage. Thought has been put into every detail and this means that beauty has been created while keeping practical details uppermost.


The main residence and has 2 guest bedrooms, and is where host, Miv resides. (please enquire directly via email or form)

Retreats & Workshops

Playing with fabrics and Wallpaper is part of our Workshops . Nowadays there are a huge variety of beautiful examples on the market. While this is an exciting occupation, it can become a mind boggling experience that could end up with bad choices, complicated schemes and simply too much variety. The best way to work this is to use a favourite painting or an object that inspires, have a respect for the integrity of the building you are working with, choose designs and fabrics that compliment the textures in the edifice. Allow space for everything to breath but remember we are not striving for perfection. The beauty is in the collective result of your personal vision.

Nature gives us an expansive palette for decorating our homes. Nature left to herself will always show us harmony in the way she uses her brush. In Northern Europe she paints with gentle Earthy hues. In Southern Europe she uses a drier brush with smoky colours. Then, as we travel East the colours becomes stronger, the cool blues get more primary, until we reach The East where oranges, reds and Indigos wrap us in a whirl of textile and spices and colour virtually invades our being. Then on to the tropics where primary shades are shrill but quietened by the shelter of vivid green jungles and rainforests. Here she rests her palette under the shade of Banana leaves until renewed, she ventures into the wide deserts of Australia where the blacks, brown and ochres camouflage the bodies of the people and the creatures from the heat of a savage sun. 

Upcoming Workshops

We are getting ready for our Spring 2024 Retreats.

Our next Workshop/ Retreat is planned for May 16th - 20th and June 15th - 20th . This year we want to focus on Slow Decorating. A chance to take the time to be discerning with your own Style. …

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Miv Watts

Author of the bestselling lifestyle book The Maverick Soul, Miv began her career as a window dresser for Burberry. She met and married Peter Watts sound engineer to the Pink Floyd with whom she had two children (Ben Watts Fashion Photographer, and Naomi Watts Actress).
Miv has had a global career, collaborating and producing furniture, fabrics and Art in the Far East for private clients, boutique hotels and Stately Homes. She has enjoyed a long career as a Set/ Costume Designer in film and Television where character study plays an important part in film making and this serves her well in understanding how important it is for our homes to reflect our true spirit in order to help us keep our equilibrium and feel at peace in our personal sanctuary .
 Recently she has taken on a restoration project in South West France and continues to create beautiful environments while working on a new book.
Lexis is the latest iteration of Miv’s design work, and where she currently calls home.